HamSphere Mt. St. Helens Special Event Results

Partial log from morning sessionIt was a fun way to commemorate a somber and awesome event.  On May 18th, 2012, at 7:32AM local time, at 28.450Mhz on HamSphere “Virtual Ham Radio”, I started making the contacts.  After a brief introduction and look back at the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens, I took the first call.  Mike, N6VIC from California, was the first to receive the special 32nd Anniversary QSL card.
There was a pile-up at first but after some rules from admin Tony, 29HS132, and stations learning how I planned to work them all, it went very well.  To those who participated, I thank you for your patience and interest. 
I think fun was had by all.  I got to share some of what I had learned in researching the eruption and also help us remember the Ham Radio operators who perished in the blast.  I also shared that there was a real Ham Radio station, W7W operating from the mountain itself on this same anniversary weekend.  This was an opportunity to look back on an incredible event and also just do something fun and different on HamSphere.  Stations who wanted the special limited-time QSL card knew exactly when and where to get it.  It was fun for me to be like a DX station handling a pile-up and I added 12 new countries to my total before the day was over!
Some statistics from the event:
Morning Session – 2 hours 45 minutes, 53 completed contacts (and QSL cards sent) with 25 different countries.
Unplanned Night Session (right up to midnight local time) – 1 hour 33 minutes, 13 completed contacts (and QSL cards sent) with 10 different countries.

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